Bodega releases digital issues on the first Monday of every month featuring poetry, prose, and occasional interviews by established and emerging writers. We’re here to give you a handful of essential pieces you can digest in one sitting.

We read submissions all year. Send us your poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction. We accept simultaneous submissions and will always reach out before publishing your work, so there's no need to notify us if you're accepted elsewhere (congrats!).

A note about author rights:

We love author rights. When you publish with Bodega, you basically agree to three things:

  1. You grant us first serial rights. Once your piece is published, rights revert back to you.
  2. Your work will remain on our website permanently.
  3. You grant us non-exclusive re-print rights. We don't abuse this privilege. We might simply use short excerpts of your work in promotional materials.

After your work appears in Bodega, you may republish it, or give others permission to republish it. We ask that if you do so, you credit it as first appearing in Bodega.

$ 3.00
$ 3.00